About Anise Radio

Welcome to Anise Radio, the perfect place to find peace and tranquility in a hectic world. Our station is dedicated to providing calming, Zen-inspired music to help you relax, unwind, and find balance. Whether you need a break from the nonstop pace of modern life or are just looking for a peaceful soundtrack to your day, Anise Radio has you covered.

With a carefully curated selection of soothing melodies and uplifting beats, Anise Radio is the perfect place to escape the noise and find your inner calm. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, our station is always there to provide a peaceful respite from the stresses of everyday life.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of a little serenity – take a deep breath, relax, and let Anise Radio’s beautiful music feed your soul provide the perfect calming sound track for your day.

Available online and coming soon to DAB, Anise is available 24/7 to provide your calming soundtrack. Follow our socials @aniseradio, or reach out to us at welcome@aniseradio.com 

Anise Radio …and breathe.

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